Here is some of the action from training camp.

Most of the pictures on this page where taken by my wife Kim..... She is a huge Patriots fan.....Click on any picture for a larger view

Drew Warming Up Here is a Picture of Drew and the boys warming up.Looks like Drew is a little rusty and it seems as if he is passing the ball to no one. Don't worry about that. He is just trying to do his best Marc Wilson imitation.
Unlike the tuna,Pete Carroll can actually walk across the field. Pete Carroll
Denis Montana ALIGN= Who is this guy? Why that is free agent wide receiver Denis Montana. From Concordia (Canada) I know the odds are against him making the team,but my wife took such a good shot I had to use it. (He was cut the last week of August)
Feeling a little depressed, Bledsoe stops for a moment and tries to think of all the ways to spend $5,000,000 dollars a year. Drew Bledsoe
Drew and Larry Realizing Drew makes $4,600,000 more then him a year, Larry Whigham thinks about drilling Drew into the turf.
Ty Law (24) and Willie Clay(32)ask Steve Israel (21) if he will start more then one game this year? Ty,Willie,Steve
Chris Slade Chris Slade

I don't think he misses Bill one bit.

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