Here is some of the action from training camp 1999.

Ted Johnson No Luck
He may not be lucky , but he sure is a nice guy. Even in a sling Ted Johnson still finds time to chat and sign autographs.
Not So Big
Kevin Faulk listed at 5'- 8" seems even shorter then that in person. Although some of the players may not be as tall as they seem when meeting them in person one thing is for sure, they are all in peak physical shape. For the most part they are pretty big guys, not that they need to join the Medifast plan or anything, they aren't unhealthy. Exercise and good dieting are most likely key elements to the training camp, even without a Medifast coupon the players are well taken care of. It's pretty obvious that the workout regiments they go through are intense and work well, and the players are in a healthy place to play professional football. If they aren't when they come into training, they certainly are prepared when they leave training camp.
Vinny and Shawn Slow down Man
Brisby is always a step or two behind Jefferson.
Don't Fumble Mike.
Right after throwing a 30 yard TD bomb to Sean Morey , Michael Bishop leaves the field carrying a baby with one hand and signing autographs with the other hand
Punting Kicking away.
For over an hour Lee Johnson had help shagging his punts. Two boys about 8 and a girl about 11 retrieved the balls for him. At one point , to the roar of the crowd , the young girl caught three punts in a row.
What a geek
It is so embarrassing to walk with Ben Coates when he has his helmet on like this.
Ben Coats
Chris Sullivan Chris Sullivan
The Veteran from Boston College seemed to have a steady and successful training camp.
Chris Slade
Look for Chris to have a great year. He was on top of his game through out training camp.
Ben Coats
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